Importance of Keeping an Indoor Dog Active


You need to keep your dog active indoors, for one thing, so he or she will stay calmer indoors. But during long winter months when playing outside in certain parts of the country is not an option this is the only way to make sure your dog stays physically fit. Just like humans, a dog can gain weight and have heart problems if not allowed to have enough exercise.

5 Dog Activities

These 5 dog activities are ones that we do in our house from time to time.

  • Fetching a ball is one of my dog’s favorite activities. We have stairs and one of us throws the ball down the stairs and she runs down and retrieves the ball. This gives her such good exercise. A tennis ball is perfect for this activity.
  • Sometimes, my dog loves to play keep away from us with one of her toys. She will grab one of her toys in her mouth and we try to get it from her. She actually runs away from us! It is a hoot.
  • Other times she loves to just have us chase her. We get to exercise this way too!
  • We have a good (made for a dog) tug of war rope that she loves to do. We hold one end and sometimes she holds so tight that we can lift her off the ground. (She only weighs 22 pounds though.)
  • If you have an open enough space in part of your house you could get a Frisbee and have your dog catch it when you throw it.

Walking Your Dog

When the weather permits, though, it is always great to take your dog for a walk. It is a bonding experience for you and your dog. It also makes both of you healthier. All dogs also need to learn to walk on a leash with today’s leash laws too.

So play with your dog indoors to keep them healthy and calm. It is truly important to work on keeping indoor dogs active indoors for their health and well-being.

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