How to Treat a Dog’s Bad Breath


Imagine having an exhausting day, tired from all the work and duties you’ve done. As you go home, one of the few things that’ll improve your day is to get hugs and kisses from your bulldog. But as soon as they cuddle with you, you are met with a foul dog breath! How can you appreciate your beloved furball if you avoid their kisses?

But let’s say you love your dog so much, you don’t really care about their smell. It can still be a huge problem. Doctors say It can be a sign of a serious health condition. A simple thing such as a foul smell can lead to a diseased dog, so it wouldn’t be so faulty to take the extra precautions to take care of your dog.

Causes of a Dog’s Bad Breath

Before we try to get rid of a dog’s nasty breath, knowing what the possible causes are can help you in solving the problem. A dog’s bad breath may be caused by simply just a poor food diet, or worse, a severe health problem like diabetes or other diseases. Most of the time, it can be a result of a fur parent’s negligence towards their pet’s dental hygiene. A dog’s oral health can’t be just brushed off.

Before it gets to the point where your fur baby is suffering, it’s best to identify the causes to treat or prevent anything malicious happening to your dog. One cause is a dog’s dietary habits. They either like to rummage through garbage, eat their own poop, or snacking through numerous things that shouldn’t be eaten. Bacteria can accumulate in your dog’s mouth, which contributes to your dog’s breath (and possibly, terrible health).

In the worst case scenarios, a dog’s foul breath can be caused by numerous diseases, such as kidney, liver, periodontal, or diabetes. This can lead to other extensive health problems. Vomiting, losing teeth, bloody discharge, lack of appetite, or overall weakness are only one of the effects a dog may feel. Which, eventually, can lead to the loss of your dog (if not taken care of).

Always check if your dog has a healthy mouth. Common indications of a dog with healthy dental hygiene consist of pure and undamaged teeth and healthy pink gums. Check to see if there are signs of brownish spots on their teeth called tartars. Also, check if the gums aren’t inflamed and if they have rotting teeth.

TIPS on How to Treat Your Dog’s Bad Breath:

To make your dog as healthy and spirited as they are now, to keep them from giving you the sweet kisses, and to make the both of you happier, it’s best to follow these tips to treat your dog’s bad breath.

  • Make it a habit to brush your dog’s teeth carefully.
    This helps remove the excess dirt, plaque, and tartar that could’ve gathered in your dog’s teeth and gums. Pet stores usually sell distinctive canine toothbrushes and toothpaste, which is what you should use for your dog. Never brush your dog’s teeth with toothpaste that people use. For toothpaste, there are special flavors to make your dog enjoy the cleaning better.
  • Give your dog something to chew.
    Dogs cleanse their teeth by chewing. Most chew toys and foods are formulated with cleaning treats or dental chews that naturally freshen a dog’s breath, and as well as clean their gums and teeth. Alternatively, your fur buddy will get to enjoy it too!
  • Use home remedies.
    A lot of common household food is great for freshening up your buddy’s bad breath. Yogurt, parsley, carrots, lemon, etc. You can also use water additives or mouthwashes made for dogs. These don’t necessarily solve your dog’s rotten breath instantly, but they surely help make your dog smell a little more fragrant.
  • Feed your dog with a balanced diet.
    Don’t make them eat too less nor too much. Provide your dog with plenty of exercises, have a balanced meal, and consistent play times. Keeping your dog healthy will take care of that nasty breath, and on the plus side, keep them off from life-threatening illnesses.
  • Carefully supervise what your dog eats or drinks.
    Most dogs have a habit of eating inappropriate things. They don’t know the difference between edible or not, if they come cross of feces some dogs tend to eat it. This is also true for animal remains, like if they found a dead rat they’re most likely to be curious about it.
  • Regular visit or cleanings from the vet.
    When your pet has more tartar than you can brush away, a visit from your local veterinarian can help clean and check-up your dog’s dental hygiene. You might have missed a few little details regarding your dog’s health, but a vet certainly won’t. A professional cleaning from the vet can avoid a serious life-threatening pet disease.If the bad breath persists, it’s best to make an appointment with your veterinarian. Find out how to treat your pet with professional help, your veterinarian will suggest medicines and pet products that can help a dog’s recovery back to a lively dog. As well as discuss with them the possible causes as to why your dog has this disease, to prevent further health problems in the future.

Preventing a Dog’s Bad Breath

After you have treated your dog’s bad breath, it’s better to keep track of these tips. These not only treat foul odor but also help prevent bad breath in the first place, and likewise other illnesses. Like the common saying, prevention is better than cure. You don’t have to treat your pet’s foul odors or health if they didn’t have it in the first place.

Asides from the routine cleaning, it’s a reminder for you to regularly check-up your dog with the professionals. Veterinarians provide an accurate diagnosis of a dog’s general health, which gives you an idea on how to act upon your pet.

Notice if there are changes in your dog’s behavior. They can’t explain to us if they’re feeling pain, so always stay alert in your dog’s movements. It can be signs of any illnesses and give us a head-start on how to act accordingly.


One of the things you must deal with when dealing with your dog is possible faulty breath. As common as it seems to the human, it’s not the same to our beloved pets. Don’t ignore their smelly breath. They may just simply need more brushing and a proper diet, but it can lead to, or already have, serious diseases that can heavily affect your dog’s lifestyle. If your dog means the whole world to you, then taking these additional steps are nothing compared to what they can bring to your life. It may not seem like it but treating your dog’s breath, as simple as it sounds, can help a lot more than you think.

As a fellow fur parent, I understand how important our pets are to us. They’re already a part of the family, and we don’t want anything bad happening to them. Dogs are men’s best friend. Care for them as much as they will care for you. And understand that your pets can’t exactly communicate with you, so be extra aware of anything that’s happening to them. Your precautions might save your dog’s life!

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