English Bulldog Price – What Does a British Bulldog Cost


The bulldog is popularly known as the English Bulldog as they enjoy a very old relationship with the British culture and lifestyle. Well loved by the British they are sometimes even referred to as the national icon denoting two most essential characteristics of determination and courage. Various characteristics, features, and maintenance determine a bulldog price, which should never be an obstacle to own this incomparable possession.

  • Physical Features

This class of dog is big built and sturdy weighing around 25 kg for a male and 23 kg for a female. It has thick folds of skin, almost like wrinkles, on its face, wide spaced black round eyes, and sagging lips with sharp teeth. Their coats are mostly of brown, white, red, fawn, black, sable and brindle in color with a flat, short and sleek texture. Their heads and shoulders are broad. Their tails are generally straight and short.

The nasal cavity of a Bulldog is a and hence, it finds it difficult to keep its body cool.  Therefore, in warmer climes, extra care needs to be taken. They must be kept under constant shade and given plenty of water.  Bulldogs sweat mostly through their foot pads and take pleasure in cool floors.  They are generally heavy breathers making them loud snorers.

  • Temperament

The natural characteristics of an English Bulldog are that they are kind, calm, and dignified. They are not aggressive or bad-tempered and easy to pacify and though usually patient could be stubborn at times.  They are prized family pets as they get along well with children, other pets, and other dogs as well. Their poor intelligence, notwithstanding the breed is bold, courageous, and determined.

  • Health

An English Bulldog is quite prone to health problems, and the main reasons for early death are sickness and disease such as cancer, old age, and heart issues. A few are struck with cysts between their toes known as interdigital cysts.  Other health problems are breathing issues, ‘cherry eye’ which is a swelling of the inner eyelid, hip dysplasia in older dogs, allergies, hernia, dog acne, arthritis, skin infections, UTI, tail infections, fevers, etc.  They also suffer from skin-fold dermatitis because of the many skin folds on the Bulldog’s body. Fortunately most of these afflictions are treatable by an experienced vet. This particular breed needs exercise daily or else it is prone to become overweight, which could then lead to stress on the joints as well as lung and heart problems.

The Price of an English Bulldog

It is a common question among individuals that how much do bulldog costs? The cost of an English Bulldog depends not only on the color, age, breed, quality, gender, and bloodline but also on other aspects as well:

  1. The geographical location of the breeder and his reputation.
  2. English Bulldog pups from small-time breeders may cost between $1500 and $4000, and an adult dog can cost $2000 to $7000.
  3. Common colored breeds are a little cheaper at $3000 to $4500 while a rare colored one like chocolate, blue or lilac could cost you upwards of $5000.
  4. An English Bulldog about two years or more could come at an extremely nominal price of $200 to $400.
  5. It also depends on whether the puppy is of pet quality or for show purpose.

Pedigree English bulldogs are priced at a higher value for quite a few reasons. Due to the structure of the English Bulldog’s head and body, it makes it difficult for them to mate and procreate naturally. Therefore, most of them are bred with the aid of artificial insemination and delivered through Caesarean means. This then causes the breeder to incur substantial expenses by way of veterinary costs to produce just one litter of puppies.

The English bulldog is predisposed to quite a few serious hereditary health issues, and reliable breeders get some health tests done on their litters for various health disorders.

The cost of feeding an English Bulldog

Owning an English bulldog could be quite expensive where the food part plays an important role. He has no idea about the nutrition value of the food placed before him. All he looks for is the taste.  So, it is entirely dependent on you to feed your pet with the necessary nutrients such as:

  • Proteins
  • Fats
  • Mineral
  • Carbohydrates
  • Vitamins

An English bulldog pup initially eats every two hours a day and by the time they are 8 weeks old, they move on to solid food which increases to three times a day. An average annual cost for feeding an English Bulldog is $500.

Due to the dental and breathing problems caused by the inherent facial structure of an English Bulldog, special foods have been created to cater the specific needs of the pet.  Accordingly, your vet may suggest a dry food that would be easy for the dog to pick up and chew or something wet that enables chewing and swallowing more smoothly. While purchasing food for your dog you may have to consider other issues as well such as weight control or weak stomach.

A bag of quality dry food weighing 30 lbs especially prepared for English bulldogs can cost around $60.

Veterinary Expenses

An English class is a very high maintenance breed, which uplifts the English bulldog price.  Vet bills are steep especially if you engage a specialist vet.  However, the costs are a bit different for male and female dogs. For the first year, the price could be around $1500 for a female and about $1500 for a male. From the second year it increases to $2000 for both including spay at $700 and hernia operation at $1500 as well as costs for keeping their coat dry and clean.

  • Due to their naturally large heads more than 80% of Bulldog puppies are delivered by C-Section to avoid their heads getting stuck in the mother’s birth canal.
  • The folds or creases which are normally referred to as wrinkles on a Bulldog’s face need to be cleansed daily to avoid infections set off by the buildup of moisture.
  • Sometimes the curling tails of a Bulldog can become very tight where it needs regular cleaning and application of ointment.
  • Due to the undershot jaw and extremely flat muzzle of this particular breed even routine dental care can be a bit costly.
  • On a routine veterinary care exercise, bulldog owners pay far more than other dog breeds on account of health problems like skin infections, eye infections, obesity, and dental disease. Besides, more severe health conditions like critical care or veterinary surgery like joint and bone disease such as elbow and hip dysplasia, urinary obstructions due to kidney stones or bladder, heart disease or deformities of the spine.
  • Heat stroke, brachycephaly due to exercise-related collapse and breathing problems require emergency treatment to save the dog.


Due to the numerous health problems of the English Bulldog breed, owners should consider pet health insurance which can ease maintaining the bulldog price. Once decided, the owner must be careful to read through the policy thoroughly to see what it covers and what it does not. The English bulldog is generally considered an unhealthy breed due to its many hereditary problems and thus, owners should be very careful while choosing health insurance for their pet.

The cost of an English bulldog health insurance can differ by the coverage one is likely to choose. Specific plans start at about $60 per month and can increase to $130 per month. 


The English Bulldog is very vulnerable to a wide range of canine health conditions and thus, it requires plenty of care and special attention throughout its life.  In case of persistent health conditions, an English bulldog will need to be on continual prescription treatments and medications.

Boarding/Pet Sitting

An English Bulldog suffering from health issues such as brachycephalic syndrome will definitely need expert boarding or home care when you are away, which can also be a bit expensive.



The English Bulldog has sensitive skin so when bathing your pet you will need a shampoo with Ph balance for dogs. A groomer’s shampoo such as an oatmeal shampoo or a whitener shampoo is also highly recommended for bulldogs boasting white coats. Proper care will help preserve the rich coat of a Bulldog.


A Bulldog’s ears must at all times be kept clean. Cleaning the ears on a daily basis with a warm facecloth can be a simple task. While cleaning their ears you will need to be very gentle as they have sensitive ears. So be sure that your dog is comfortable during the cleaning session. Q-tips are an absolute no-no as these dogs have very sensitive ears and an unwanted accident may take place. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase a solution from the neighborhood vet that you put into the dog’s ears and gently massage the ear so that it reaches those parts of the ear that you cannot reach. This solution helps in getting rid of the dirt and grime lodged at the bottom of the eardrum. After this exercise a second look is advised to get rid of any extra dirt completely still present.


The wrinkles in an English Bulldog’s face no doubt making it cute and adorable will also need that much extra care. Many infections are the result of bacteria and therefore, it is essential to clean between the wrinkles daily or perhaps twice in a day. For this you will need a soft face towel or cloth to wash and clean between these wrinkles after which they must be thoroughly dried to prevent bacteria build up. Regular brushing of your English Bulldog’s coat will keep it shining and in good condition. For this a soft brush should be used as the skin is sensitive.


Regular nail cutting is essential. Short well maintained nails will help the toes to grow in proper alignment thereby helping to keep your English Bulldog comfortable. The right way to trim the Bulldog’s nails is by using the Dremel Motor tool, a rotating tool. You need to start slow with this method to get hum all comfortable. You can also get a pair of nail clipping cutters for your pet.


Since English Bulldogs are incapable of reaching their own tail they are unable to adequately clean after relieving themselves. This area needs to be cleaned daily without fail to prevent your dog from acquiring any infections or other health problems and spreading of disease.


Bathing is one of the most essential parts of the grooming session of your English Bulldog. He must be taught to stay in one place while being bathed.  Firstly your dog must learn to trust you and then only he will settle down to a comfortable bath. Your pet may need a bath twice a month. Invest in a good quality shampoo. You must be extra careful while cleaning near the ears, nose and eyes as the shampoo may irritate these organs. You would do well to take the help of a family member or some other for this.  Make sure not to let out your Bulldog into direct sunlight after bath. Use a towel or a hair dryer and do not brush the coat until completely dried. Keep your Bulldog in stable and warm temperature for about an hour after its bath.  You can change its bathing schedule in winter as they need less bathing in cold temperatures.

Preventive Measures

The foremost preventive measure you need to consider while purchasing an English Bulldog are as under:

  • Buy your dog from a reputed breeder. This will most certainly guarantee the healthiest Bulldog.
  • The puppies should be de-wormed and vaccinated before being taken home
  • The dogs should be certified by the Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF) to validate normal eyes and Orthopedic Foundation for Animals for their knees, elbow and hips. These certifications confirm the breeder is following healthy breeding norms and is not breeding with underage dogs i.e. younger than two years old.

This is the normal standard to be observed though health problems don’t normally become relevant until a dog is absolutely mature. And even though it is not confirmed that your dog will not inherit any health conditions at a later date, the risk is much less.

Besides, the above once you take your dog home you can do your bit by being hands-on and practical. Monitor your dog on a daily basis to make sure he is eating well, clean his folds and check for any skin afflictions. See that he does not overeat resulting in obesity which is one of the primary reasons for the many conditions mentioned above. Therefore, feed your dog a healthy proportionate diet.  Keep him active by making him do adequate exercises and keep a tab on his overall behavior so that a vet can be called in if you observe he is acting abnormal. Preventive measures will definitely keep a check on English bulldog costs.

Reasons to own an English Bulldog

Despite their exorbitant purchase price and high maintenance, English Bulldogs are a favorite for more reasons than one.

 1. Adorable Quality

The jowls, wrinkles and saggy eyes notwithstanding Bulldogs do melt your heart. They are cuddly, soft and irresistible.

2. Ooze Personality

The home is full of fun and laughter with a bulldog around. Their loud snoring itself is quite funny and could put any human snorer to shame.  They interrupt your thoughts and are a big distraction with their bodily movements, but you can’t help but smile.

3. A Child’s Best Friend

An English Bulldog is a very calm animal, totally loyal and of course being a lazy dog a child’s screaming, tugging, screeching just doesn’t seem to bother them. They’ll even allow the child to dress them up in any costume without blinking an eye.

4. A languid Soul

There is nothing more welcoming than curling up with your Bulldog on the sofa or bed. They hate running and would rather stretch their chubby jowls on your feet than go for a run.

5. Bulldogs are Talented

Bulldogs are great skaters and surfers.  This could be due to a low sense of gravity caused by their tubbiness.

6. They are Stubborn

This characteristic may cause some not to go for a Bulldog, but it is this very reason to love them. There’s nothing more endearing than your dog sitting in the middle of the pavement or driveway just because he is not in the mood for a walk.

7. Their Funny Whines

If they don’t get their way or eyeing your snack or feel the couch belongs to them then no other dog’s whines are a match for this dog.

8. Bulldogs Make Great Watchdogs

This breed was originally bred to fight bulls and that’s why they will defend and protect their homes and families with their life.

9. They Are Not Aggressive

Due to their build and stature Bulldogs may look frightening, but they are very gentle especially with children and family members.

10.  Bulldogs bring love

An English Bulldog would rather love than fight. They are simply lovable creatures and for some no one other dog will do.

Love is all we need to survive and a bulldog is package and bundle of joy for the entire family. Bulldog price can be on a higher end, but the pride of owing is incomparable.

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