English Bulldog Gas Problems


If you share membership in one of the bulldog groups I frequent, you’ve probably heard me complaining a lot lately about Abbie’s sudden bout with some horrible flatulence. For the past few days, she’s been able to clear a room of even the most diehard bulldog lovers, and I was having a hard time figuring out why her digestive system was suddenly kicked into overdrive.

English Bulldogs, and many other breeds of a bulldog, often have sensitive digestive systems, so sudden changes in diet can get their guts rumbling. You have to be very careful when picking out what kind of food you choose, or you’ll find yourself stuffing cotton balls up your nose after every meal your bullie eats!
If your dog does get gas, you can try adding a tablespoon of plain yogurt to every meal. The live cultures in it can help their digestion and decrease the amount of gas they produce. For severe cases you might even want to have the dog checked out by a vet, to be sure he’s not suffering from another health problem rather than simple indigestion.

As for Abbie, today we figured out what was going on in her tummy. It’s summertime, and our neighbor’s apricot tree is heavily burdened with delicious golden fruits. As I was outside playing with the dogs, I noticed that several of the tree’s fruit-laden branches hang out over our yard, but there didn’t seem to be any apricots on the ground underneath them.

You guessed it! Abbie and Krash have been eagerly slurping up every overly ripe fruit the moment it hits the ground! No wonder Abbie has gas! That many apricots would give anyone indigestion! I’ll have to do something about that tree quick; I don’t want either of the dogs to accidentally ingest one of the pits as they can be toxic.

This is another one of those “you always have to be aware of what your dogs are doing” kind of posts. I can’t believe it took me three days to figure this one out, but at least now I can take a plan of action to cure the “smell bads” around here!

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