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English Bulldog Leash Training

Those who have an English Bulldog known how stubborn they can be. These dogs are doing anything they want when they want. And, this can …

English Bulldog Hereditary Issues

Many people are adopting the English Bulldog. It doesn’t matter if you are adopting a puppy or a grown dog. The one thing that the …

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Dog Training

Socializing Adult Bulldogs

Puppies are easy to socialize. You take them to some puppy obedience classes, and they get to interact with other …

Dog Care & Homemade Recipes

English Bulldog Gas Problems

If you share membership in one of the bulldog groups I frequent, you’ve probably heard me complaining a lot lately …

Aging English Bulldog Care

Arthritis is caused by a loss of the cartilage surrounding the dog’s joints. As the joint’s cartilage wears away, the …

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